Skovgaard Energy

Power to unfold

Power to unfold

Our goal is to realise the potential of the green transition. We do this by establishing new energy production, harvesting energy from wind, solar and biomass, by storing energy and by refining energy throughout the value chain.
Skovgaard Energy wants to create local jobs, collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders and contribute to sustainable development while respecting nature.

  • We work according to these dogmas:
  • Create the energy solutions of the future
  • Create development and synergies in the local area
  • Involve local actors and stakeholders
  • Prioritise local suppliers
  • Increase biodiversity in project areas

Knowledge and innovation are the foundation. Dialogue with the young people who will live with and by the green solutions of the future is crucial for long-term and sustainable solutions.



Skovgaard Invest was established in 1999 by Jørgen Skovgaard, for the developing of wind turbine projects. In 2021 the business changed it’s name to Skovgaard Energy, and a change of generation was set in motion.

Our work has now expanded from solely the development of wind turbine projects, to the development of solar power, power-to-X, biogas, and with more to come.


By the beginning of 2024, we are 25 employees at Skovgaard Energy, and we expect to grow in the near future.





Our office is located in Lemvig in the west of Jutland – Denmark, which is geographically close to most projects that are either operating or under development. We also have activities in Germany, Norway and Sweden.


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