We are building the world’s

first dynamic

Power-to-X plant

Imagine if we could use solar and wind power as green fuel for the world’s shipping and agriculture. It sounds like a future scenario, but it is in fact already a reality with the new technology Power-to-X (PtX).

PtX harnesses the excess power from wind and solar energy by converting it into CO2-neutral ammonia that can replace the fossil fuels “coal, oil and gas”.

In the little town Ramme, in west Jutland, Skovgaard Energy will construct the world’s first dynamic PtX plant, before an industrial scale escalation will take place in partnership with EUDP, Vestas and Haldor Topsøe. Our project stands out because it’s exclusively based on green sources of energy. Six wind turbines and a 50-megawatt solar park delivers the energy that is transformed into liquid green ammonia.

As soon as 2024, the power plant will be able to produce 5.000 tons of green ammonia per year, which will provide a yearly CO2-reduction of 8.200 tons. PtX is crucial to attain both the danish and european climate goals. The plan is to build more power plants, and thus the one in Ramme shall be the first of many. Consequently, we in Denmark will become the leaders in the field of PtX technology.

Planche til Ramme-anlæg

What is Green Ammonia?

Japanese giant and Skovgaard Energy to invest in the Port of Thyborøn

Sumitomo Corporation Europe Limited has signed a letter of intent with the private Danish renewable energy developer Skovgaard Energy for a potential collaboration on green ammonia production in the future.

Ministerial visit September 2023

Topping-out ceremony April 2023

Groundbreaking October 2022

Under construction MW PV

50 MW

Under construction MW PTX

10 MW

Installed MW wind

200 MW

With Power-to-X it’ll be possible to store green energy and to utilize it at a later time, exactly as we know it from oil and gas.

Pat A Han
Technical director