Jobs at Skovgaard Energy

Jobs at Skovgaard Energy

Fast-paced green transition. Based in West Jutland, Skovgaard Energy unfolds the potential of green solutions.

We believe that renewable energies, wind, solar, bioenergy and power to X are essential for our common future. At Skovgaard Energy, we take pride in harnessing nature’s resources to the fullest.

We are currently building the world’s first dynamic ammonia plant (PtA) that can store solar and wind energy so nothing goes to waste. We will not only supply green power to the grid, but also green fuel for heavy transport and industry, green fertilizer for agriculture and green heat for heating.

That’s why Skovgaard Energy is looking for new colleagues.

You don’t necessarily have experience working with renewable energy, but you thrive in a small and informal organization where the time from thought to action is short. You have a good sense of humor, a can-do attitude and are a team player.

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