Sun and wind is the core of our business

We can not predict the future, but one thing is for sure. The sun will keep shining, and the wind will keep blowing. The renewable energy sources won’t run out, and we shall harness it to our best efforts to create a sustainable future.

Skovgaard Energy has been among the leading actors within renewable energy for more than 30 years. We are pioneers in the field of wind energy and have recently specialised ourselves in solar power as well. Solar power is the cleanest and most natural form of energy. It has a great potential, as only an hour of sunshine gives the earth more energy than what all countries worldwide use in one year.

The challenge with wind and solar power is that the wind doesn’t always blow the same, and the clouds some days create more shade than others. Therefore, the ability to store renewable energy is a necessity – one we have with Power-to-X – which converts excessive energy into liquid green ammonia.

Skovgaard Energys energy production in Denmark.

We believe the expansion and harnessing of renewable forms of energy, such as wind energy, solar power, and power-to-X are essential for our shared future.


Jørgen Skovgaard
Founder and owner