We hope to give citizens in Struer and Holstebro municipalities the opportunity to join the green wave. The plan is to offer 40 percent of a new energy project to local citizens. The energy project covers a solar cell plant between Maabjerg and Sønder Hjerm and wind turbines in Grydholt near Tvis. Behind the project are Vestforsyning, Struer Energi, Jysk Energi and Skovgaard Energy.


Collaboration, local ownership and strong local forces.

These three elements are the basis for a possible new large energy park where local citizens in Struer and Holstebro municipality will have the opportunity to become co-owners. The three major utility companies in Struer and Holstebro Municipality, Jysk Energi, Vestforsyning and Struer Energi, have joined forces with Skovgaard Energy to submit a proposal for idea consultation in Struer and Holstebro for a 74 MWp solar power plant located between Maabjerg and Sønder Hjerm and wind turbines to be installed in Grydholt near Tvis. The project will supplement the local area with approximately 92,000 MWh of green and renewable electricity annually from solar cells and 46,000 MWh from wind. This corresponds to the private consumption of approximately 34,500 households and will cover almost all private electricity consumption in Holstebro and Struer municipalities. The broad collaboration between Jysk Energi, Vestforsyning and Struer Energi means that the project is based on extensive local knowledge. It will also mean that the value of the project stays in the local area instead of an investment company reaping the rewards of the West Jutland wind and sun.

Good experience with citizen ownership

Local citizen involvement is part of the DNA of Jysk Energi, Struer Energi and Vestforsyning, which together have around 50,000 private customers. Specifically, Jysk Energi recently saw a large solar park in Høvsøre on the west coast of Denmark oversubscribed by almost 20 percent because the interest in local ownership was very high among the citizens of Lemvig Municipality. The park’s finances and budgets will be presented to potential investors and citizens once applications have been processed and other frameworks are further clarified. In this way, citizens can invest on an equal footing with Struer Energi, Vestforsyning, Skovgaard Energy and Jysk Energi in a transparent investment opportunity with credible companies from the local area.

The partnership thinks in synergies

The project is innovative and not only involves local citizens, but intertwines different partnerships, utilities, private actors and sectors. It empowers locally – and unfolds the potential from energy production to use in a more green and innovative way. For example, the location of the solar cells close to the Maabjerg Energy Center provides good opportunities for the green power to be used directly in future energy plants and for energy supply to local businesses. It can also be for upcoming PtX plants that require large amounts of green power.

Timeline and climate goal

The park will contribute significantly to both Holstebro and Struer municipalities’ desire to further contribute to the green transition. With potentially all private consumption covered by green power, municipalities can take a big step closer to the political 2030 and 2050 climate goals while ensuring that the value of a renewable energy park stays in the area and that jobs and development are created and maintained locally. The stakeholders hope that the project will be ready in 2025, subject to regulatory processing and approvals from the municipalities.

Facts and figures

  • Soil area: approx. 123 ha. between Maabjerg and Sønder Hjerm (see map)
  • Wind area: approx. 81 ha. in Grydholt near Tvis
  • Solar power: 74 MWp
  • Wind power: 13 MW
  • Timeframe: The park is expected to be completed approximately 12 months after final approval.
  • Citizen shares: Up to 40%.