Climate Park Nees Hede

An interconnected climate park of approximately 400 hectares at Nees Hede in Lemvig Municipality.



The park will be 113 hectares of new afforestation.

Increasing biodiversity will be a priority for the park, where a baseline study will measure animal and plant life today and again in a few years to see if biodiversity has increased as expected.

A series of initiatives with planting of special fauna etc. are being implemented. Several different types of plants are used and with different species composition depending on the soil, landscape and purpose, which overall will give a more varied expression and a good energy utilization of the area.


A climate park where energy production merges into one entity that is not separated by technical fences. The park will contain solar cells on 269 hectares.



The entire Climate Park supports the restoration of Byn Lake, as the discharge of nutrients, ochre and sand from the current arable land will be diverted to energy purposes, but the cultivation area will be used extensively.


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