Nature and forest areas grow together and the Damhus Å and Storåen rivers run through the area with world-class salmon fishing


The vision for Klimapark Northwest Jutland is to create one of Denmark’s largest parks that includes new cohesive nature, new recreational areas in the Unesco Global Geopark West Jutland and village development.

Potentially, the park could connect Denmark’s third largest continuous forest, Klosterheden, with the plantations Theuts, Ulfborg and Stråsø in the south.

From the east by the protected area at Kilen and Kjærgaard Mølle to the west runs the “blue belt” with Damhus Å and Storå, where Skærum Mølle is located by the village of Vemb.

We call it a climate park because the park is a green area with a focus on sustainable energy production, increased biodiversity and nature value, as well as recreational activities that support local village life and raise awareness about our climate.

On part of the climate park area, wind turbines and solar cells will produce approx. 650 MWh of green electricity, primarily for PtX production in Idomlund, which will create green jobs and sustainable growth throughout Northwest Jutland.


The climate park will be designed and developed to enhance access to the landscape and the
upcoming climate sites in UNESCO Global Geopark West Jutland.

The dissemination of the rich wildlife in the form of beavers, geese, red deer and salmon in Storåen will also be part of the project in collaboration with the geopark, for example with small and large trails, exhibitions, nature guidance and teaching materials.

Village development is being considered in connection with the climate park and a dialog is underway with the citizens’ associations in Linde, Bur and Møborg.

Dialogue with citizens, agriculture, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, etc. will be paramount.

The area is used by many different groups and for different purposes. Therefore, the dialog will be about multifunctional use of the areas.

Among other things, the green energy from the park will be used for PtX production of hydrogen in Idomlund, an energy hub in Northwest Jutland that is optimally located for the development of energy-intensive businesses.

At business conferences in Holstebro, Lemvig and Struer municipalities – and with Erhvervshus Midtjylland and development forces in Northwest Jutland – new green growth opportunities have been discussed.

Together with local suppliers, innovative solutions have been found and Northwest Jutland energy and climate projects have been completed.

Dialogue is already underway with several of them about Climate Park Northwest Jutland, if the political consideration results in a realization.

New jobs and ptx adventures in Northwest Jutland

Residential opportunities with the creation of up to a thousand local jobs in relation to the PTX plant in Idomlund. It is estimated that the construction phase alone will involve around 100 companies

Cheap green power for local citizens

Regardless of private financial resources, neighbors and local communities directly and indirectly benefit from the green power produced. In addition to the statutory pools, a new green pool is created, which, unlike other pools, can be used to run new local initiatives.

The park improves nature – and makes it accessible

Restructuring the areas in conjunction with agriculture will provide more animal and plant life. Better access with new trails makes using the new recreational areas attractive for locals and tourists alike

Knowledge and local anchoring at the forefront

Dissemination to schools and educational institutions is already underway. The interest is so great that hundreds of apprentices and students will be working on the project. Local citizens are working on village strategies to ensure synergies between the development of Climate Park Northwest Jutland and the neighboring community.


Uffe Christensen

Head of Project Development

Phone: +45 21 27 01 83