With a new biogas project, a group of farmers in western Jutland want to make Lemvig Municipality self-sufficient in green gas. The production company FMC, Lemvig Biogas, Lemvig Varmeværk and Lemvig Municipality all see great benefits from the new project and the associated circular tanks.

A group of farmers in western Jutland are now throwing themselves into the climate fight and with a newly founded company, Lemvig Green Development, will create a new biogas plant and at the same time connect a range of energy sources and users into one sustainable and self-sufficient cluster.

From the area’s major manufacturing company, FMC, to new green fuels to future transportation to heat production. It all starts with the establishment of a brand new biogas plant.

“Agriculture has traditionally not been seen as the solution to climate challenges, but rather part of the challenge. Now we are investing and embarking on a project where we want to make the entire municipality of Lemvig self-sufficient in green gas,” says Bjarke Bitsch, spokesperson for the newly founded company Lemvig Green Development.

Behind the company are currently 5 farmers and Skovgaard Energy. An application to build a brand new biogas plant has been submitted.

The plan is for the new biogas production to be coordinated and integrated with other energy and supply chains in Lemvig Municipality.

Lemvig Municipality praises initiative

In Lemvig Municipality’s climate action plan, DK2020, agriculture must reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2030.

Politicians in Lemvig Municipality are pleased with the plans for ambitious and sustainable green solutions. Not least in light of the national objectives as a consequence of the war in Ukraine, that we are freed from gas from abroad as soon as possible.

“It would be fantastic if the entire Lemvig Municipality can become 100% self-sufficient in green energy within a few years,” says Mayor Erik Flyvholm from Lemvig Municipality.

He emphasizes that Lemvig Municipality must maintain its position as one of the leading green municipalities with a focus on the climate.

“Agriculture is not the problem, but part of the solution,” says the mayor, pointing out that we have already seen this in the wind and solar sector – and now also in the gas sector.

Finally, the mayor points out that the new investments will not only strengthen the green transition, but also create local jobs and growth.

Collaboration is the way forward

Niels Bjerre, Chairman of the Board of Lemvig Biogas, sees great perspectives in the new plans.

“We currently have a well-functioning biogas plant and want all farmers in Lemvigegnen to be able to degas their slurry. This allows farmers to document their CO2 reduction, which will be very necessary in the future in order to maintain livestock production,” he says.

At Lemvig Varmeværk, Chairman of the Board, Per Strøm Kristensen, is also looking forward to the collaboration, and adds

“Lemvig Varmeværk is always ready to look positively at new ideas and opportunities, as long as it is in line with our strategy of cheap, stable and CO2-neutral district heating for our consumers,” he says.

Manufacturing company: We are becoming more competitive

FMC currently uses significant amounts of gas, with the war in Ukraine creating potential challenges in terms of security of supply. The company sees the farmers’ initiative as part of the solution to both security of supply and climate challenges.

“The trick is to think across industries. With the new collaboration, we not only expect to keep Danish jobs and production in Denmark. We become even more competitive compared to the rest of the world, who are all struggling with these challenges,” says Jakob Kyllesbech, CEO of FMC.

FMC – along with agriculture – has entered into climate partnerships with Lemvig Municipality in its climate action plan to, among other things, reduce emissions from agriculture and land use.

The new project will also scale up the current ptx plans.

All partners have a close and constructive dialog about the new collaboration interfaces and meet regularly to put the development plans into action.

Climate action plan

Read more about Lemvig Municipality’s climate action plan here