Energy company Skovgaard Energy wants to build a new 150 megawatt hydrogen plant west of Idomlund in Holstebro Municipality – on around 5 hectares of land. The plant can be scaled up to 3 gigawatts and a site area of 50 hectares, equivalent to 50 football fields. Land has been secured for both the 150 megawatt and 3 gigawatt plant, which is also close to the A16 highway.

The planning has been going on for a long time in a good dialog with Holstebro Municipality. Infrastructure plans have just been announced that a hydrogen pipeline will be routed to Idomlund, connecting it to Germany and the rest of Europe.

Idomlund is already the place where large amounts of power from offshore wind from the North Sea and the future energy island will most likely be connected.

“With the expansion of the substation and the new hydrogen infrastructure on the way, Idomlund will become a crucial hub in the future energy production and development of the entire central and western Jutland area. We are ready to move quickly and, together with other players, unfold the potential for growth and development,” says Technical Director Pat Han from Skovgaard Energy.

Skovgaard Energy’s plant can be scaled up to produce 3 gigawatts, which would be among the largest in Denmark. Specifically, Skovgaard Energy expects the planning to be completed during 2023.

“We are facing an incredibly exciting dialog with many players across sectors and industries. Together we will find the most optimal energy solutions for the future,” says Pat Han, who points out that this could specifically involve energy-intensive companies and the water and heat supply.

The company already has a good dialog with Holstebro Municipality and has acquired the rights to produce the green power for the project and the land for the development of the hydrogen plant.

The total investment is expected to run into the billions, and Skovgaard Energy is in close contact with other energy companies about possible partnerships in the project.

Mayor: We are looking into growth

The entire Idomlund area is expected to become a strong business development area for energy, utilities and new green solutions. Mayor H.C. Østerby, the joy and anticipation is great.

“The hub can develop into one of the biggest drivers of growth, development and job creation in the entire central and western Jutland area. I am pleased that a determined and skilled company with roots in West Jutland is now seizing the opportunity,” says the mayor of Holstebro Municipality.

H.C. Østerby explains that Skovgaard Energy’s project aligns well with Holstebro Municipality’s plan for the development of the area in the coming years.

Holstebro Municipality works extensively with the entire climate agenda and the municipality has just adopted some ambitious climate goals.

Facts and figures

Idomlund – and the Idomlund project
The Idomlund substation is powered by offshore wind from the North Sea and is expected to be the future energy island. Specifically, there is an existing 400 kV that is being expanded along with the “vikinglink” – 1400 megawatt connection to the UK and new 400 kV connection to Germany – and ready to receive Thor 1000 megawatt offshore wind farm and will be expanded for even more offshore wind

New hydrogen pipeline on the way, connecting to Germany and the rest of Europe. (Link:

Skovgaard Energy has rights to 60 hectares of land

150 megawatt hydrogen plant – scalable up to 3 gigawatts

150 megawatt electrolysis plant with a capacity factor of 65% yields 100 megawatts continuous on average and corresponds to

  • Enough hydrogen to power 100,000 cars per year, each driving 15,000 km
  • Enough waste heat to heat 15,000 homes
  • The facility will create 15-20 direct jobs plus the ancillary maintenance jobs for blacksmiths, electricians and engineers
  • The planning includes a facility that is 20 times larger

Total investment of billions of dollars

Skovgaard Energy

The company unfolds the potential of future green solutions – working with energy from wind, solar and biogas.

A new ammonia plant is under construction in Lemvig Municipality and will be ready in December 2023 and will produce 5,000 tons annually.

The company owns and operates wind turbines in Denmark and several locations abroad. The solar farm is under construction and will be connected to the grid in 2022.


Holstebro Municipality

The Climate Agenda is the name Holstebro Municipality uses for the collection of initiatives in the municipality that work on the climate challenge.

A climate action plan developed in connection with the national DK2020 effort and collaboration with citizens and businesses is the focal point of the Climate Agenda.