Local farmers and Skovgaard Energy’s acquisition of Måbjerg Biogas plant is now complete. The parties welcome the fact that biomass will be part of the energy production in Northwest Jutland in the future and secures a good long-term position for agriculture.

The Måbjerg biogas plant, which was originally reported to have been sold to another party, has finally been bought by local farmers and Skovgaard Energy in a deal worth a triple-digit million DKK amount.

Måbjerg Biogas Supplier Association with 135 farmers and Skovgaard Energy announce that they have taken over Måbjerg Biogas from Vestforsyning and Struerforsyning.

“We are pleased that during the 6 weeks that the pre-emption right gave us, in relation to the original deal between Vestforsyning and Struerforsyning as sellers and CIP as buyers, we have reached the goal of making a joint purchase with Skovgaard Energy, which gives the farmer an opportunity to be part of the next journey of biogas,” says Jørgen Tørnæs, chairman of the supplier association.


Trade completed

Skovgaard Energy and the Danish Suppliers’ Association have spent the last few weeks drawing up an ownership agreement, investment agreement, pigeon guarantee, etc. but not least also new supplier agreements that mean that Måbjerg Biogas will become the local farmers’ preferred partner for degasification of livestock manure in the future.

“In addition to becoming suppliers of the biogas plant’s most important raw material, the suppliers will also become significant shareholders in Måbjerg Biogas, thus ensuring that they are also part of the future green journey,” says Jørgen Tørnæs.

In the investment agreement, it has been agreed that the plant will be expanded with an upgrading plant that allows the biogas to enter the gas grid and thus replace fossil natural gas. The waste product from the upgrade is biogenic CO2, which is expected to replace fossil CO2 in the future, the parties explain.


Long-term solution

Jørgen Tørnæs and Bjarke Bitsch expect a lot from the synergy that has arisen between the suppliers to Måbjerg Biogas and Skovgaard Energy, who are at the forefront of technology in the energy production of the future.

“With the acquisition of Måbjerg Biogas, we have cemented that we want agriculture and energy production in West Jutland, and that West Jutland unity remains,” says CEO of Måbjerg Biogas Bjarke Bitsch, who is also pleased that the farmers can look forward to a good and long-term local solution.

Together with the staff at Måbjerg Biogas, the parties look forward to developing the company so that Måbjerg Biogas can continue to be a significant green energy producer in the future.