Skovgaard Energy acquires 33 percent of the consultancy company Next Consult, which specializes in electrical energy technology.


A perfect match in the continued growth journey of two companies in a rapidly growing energy industry.


This is the reason why Skovgaard Energy, which works with renewable energy forms, wind, solar and power to X projects, is acquiring 33 percent of the company Next Consult, which has competencies in the design and implementation of power plants, grid simulations and the design and management of hybrid parks.


“Through close collaboration on a number of projects, we have seen that these are the best specialists in the industry. We can play off each other even better in the future in relation to the very ambitious growth targets that both companies have,” says Bjarke Mollerup Bitsch, Director of Business Development at Skovgaard Energy.


Among the specific projects Next Consult has worked on are the hybrid wind and solar connection in Ramme near Lemvig and the upcoming Nees Hede Climate Park.


At Next Consult, which is based in Skanderborg and employs 9 people, the joy is also great.


“We are very pleased with the now even more formalized collaboration and the opportunities it provides for us to make each other even better in a fast-paced industry,” say CEOs Jens Due and Erik Bundgaard Poulsen from Next Consult.


Next Consult was founded in 2016. Employees at Next Consult will remain based in Skanderborg, while several new employees will be based in Lemvig at Skovgaard Energy.



About Skovgaard Energy

Skovgaard Energy believes that renewable energies, wind, solar, bioenergy and power to X are essential for our common future. At Skovgaard Energy, we take pride in harnessing nature’s resources to the fullest. That’s why we’re building the world’s first dynamic ammonia plant (PtA) that can store solar and wind energy so nothing goes to waste. We will not only supply green power to the grid, but also green fuel for heavy transportation/industries, green fertilizer for agriculture and green heat for heating. Through in-house development and partnerships, Skovgaard Energy wants to be part of this journey.

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About Next Consult

Next Consult was founded in 2016 and has since focused on electrical engineering assignments within renewable energy.

The company offers services in high voltage power, grid simulations, design and connection of renewable energy systems.

The office is located in Skanderborg, but the team works across the country.

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For more information:


Bjarke Mollerup Bitsch

Skovgaard Energy

Business Development / Business Development

Phone: +45 61 38 65 56



Erik Bundgaard Poulsen

Next Consult

CEO and co-owner


Phone: +45 2971 1486


Jens Due

Next Consult

CEO and co-owner


Phone: +45 2848 7555